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Fibre Art in Australia

Retro Nanna Crochted Teddy Doll

Retro Nanna Crochted Teddy Doll

This crocheted Teddy Doll is large and soft and a great size to wrap your arms around and give a big cuddle.

Made with hand dyed wool which I dyed myself. I have used rainbow coloured yarn for the body and yellow yarn for the feet and teddy bear hat. I have used safety eyes of the doll which are secure, however if you intend to give this toy to a young child always supervise them when they are playing with the doll.

On the tummy of the doll is a crocheted pocket and the doll also has a crocheted scarf. Oh, and there is a small teddy bear tail also on the back of the doll.
Measurements: 52cm tall and the body is 22cm wide. Each arm is 18cm long.