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Fibre Art in Australia

A YouTube Beginner's Weaving Video

$15.00 - $70.00
A YouTube Beginner's Weaving Video

Welcome to the world of Weaving on the Loom. This Video is a great place to start if you are new to Weaving.

The Beginner's Weaving Class aims to teach you about the basic structure of Weaving. You will be taught a range of weaving techniques such as how to make a Rya Knot Fringe for the bottom of the weaving, Tabby Weaving, creating a Soumak Braid, Vertical Stripes, how to create volume in your weaving with Rya Knot Loops and creating a Shaggy Carpet look for your weaving. The weaving finishes with a Knotted Tabby Weaving and Looping of Yarns around the strings techniques.

Finally you are shown how to take your Weaving off the Loom, tie it off securely and attach it to some dowel for hanging. With the back of the weaving finished you are shown how trim and finish off the front of the Weaving.

The Video is a great way to build your weaving knowledge and skills and refer back to at your leisure as you become more confident with weaving.

This Weaving Video allows you an opportunity to experiment with different yarns and fibres and you are shown how they can be used in a variety of ways. I have special Fibre Packs which are made specifically to accompany the teaching in this Video and they can be purchase at an additional cost below. Each Fibre Pack will allow you to make a complete Woven Wall Hanging using the instructions in the video.

If you need a Loom and all the things to get you started with Weaving a Weaving Kit can also be purchased at an additional cost below. The Kit includes a Loom 30.5cm X 40cm, Warp Thread, a Large Plastic Weaving Needle, a Comb, a smaller Needle and Dowel for hanging your Weaving.

Also available is a PDF Beginner's Guide to Weaving it is the perfect accompaniment to the Video as it show you step by step with photos how to do all the things covered in the video in detail, in written form.

Once you have made your purchase(s) a link to two YouTube Video will be sent within 24 hours. One will show you how Warp Up your Loom for Weaving. The second Video link will show you how to create a Weaving and explain how to take it off the Loom and finish it off.

(Please note this Video is copyright protected. It can be used for your personal use only and the teachings in this video are for your private use. The links are not to be shared with other people. (Copyright 2020, J Ehlert-Connor)