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Fibre Art in Australia

Seasons the Infinity Scarf

$8.00 - $68.00
Seasons the Infinity Scarf

Just like the seasons change slowly so do the colours in this Infinity Scarf. An Infinity Scarf is a scarf closed to make a continuous loop of scarf. This Scarf has been crocheted with a wool/acrylic yarn, crocheted as a double yarn (two yarns crocheted at the same time together) to make it thick and warm. The colours in the yarn change from mustard yellows to red/browns to greens and blues. The yarn naturally has thin and thicker areas of yarns woven into it, which brings a rustic look to the scarf. The finishing touch to this Scarf is a Pom-Pom made with the same yarn.
Measurements: 148cm all the way around.