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Image of Fibre Art Australia Weaving Tool Kit

Fibre Art Australia Weaving Tool Kit

This Tool Kit is complete with everything you need to get you started on your creative Weaving Journey.

What is in the Loom and Spindle Weaving Tool Kit?

It has a Weaving Comb which is used to comb your weft thread, so that it sits firmly in place while you weave. The curved grip suits both left and right handed weavers. The pointed tip will allow you to work with detail and pull up threads.

The Weaving Needle is broad and flat, making it easy to work with.
The large eye will allow you to thread and work effortlessly with bulky threads.

The Shuttle will allow you to wind thread around the Shuttle and move your thread easily back and forth across the weaving.

Also included in the Kit (not pictured here) is a steel Wool Needle and a plastic Wool Needle.