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Fibre Art in Australia Beginner's Weaving Guide 2022

The Beginner's Weaving Guide will allow you to learning the basics of Weaving and will help to start you on your creative journey into Weaving. With an understanding of the underlying techniques of Weaving you will become more confident in your approach to your projects and overtime develop your own style.

This guide will show you how to prepare your Loom for Weaving, introduce you to a variety of weaving techniques along with step by step instructions, including detailed pictures. The guide also shows you how to take your Weaving off the Loom and finish it off for hanging in your home.

This guide only comes as a PDF Document and will be emailed to you once you have made payment, within 24 hours. This document is copyright protected and is to be only used by the person who purchases the document. By not means is it to be shared, copied or used for teaching purposes.

At check out please confirm your email in the section, Note and instructions when you make payment so that I have the correct details to send the PDF Document onwards.

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