Dream Catcher Yarn Kits 2

$6.50 - $12.50
Dream Catcher Yarn Kits 2

On this Website is a Pattern for a Crocheted Flower Dream Catcher. (It is sold separately.) Here are the yarn Kits which can be used to make your Dream Catcher. There is enough yarn to create the larger Dream Catcher and there should be enough left over to make the smaller Dream Catcher.
The kits all have 8 ply yarn in them however, some are acrylic based, some are hand-dyed wool and some are alpaca.
The Crochet Hook you use to create your Dream Catcher will make the finished size of your Dream Catcher vary, depending on the type of yarn used.
I always suggest that you make the Dream Catcher first them go shopping for the metal hoop to attach it too. Some people like their Dream Catchers pulled tightly others like them to be a little loose.