Circular Weaving with Wool Roving Kit 2

$6.50 - $32.00
Circular Weaving with Wool Roving Kit 2

Circular Weaving is a very relaxing way to weave. You start weaving thinner yarns around the centre, weaving over and under the warp threads. As the spokes on the Circular Weaving grow wider and further apart towards the outside you gradually work with thicker fibres.
This Circular Weaving is made with Wool Roving and using a weaving technique called a Soumak Braid.
The Circular Weaving Guide which comes with this Kit has detailed, step by step pictures in it which will show you how to create the Soumak Braid technique used in the making of this Weaving.
The Circular Weaving Guide can also be used to learn other weaving techniques which can be using in Circular Weaving.
The hoop is 24cm in diameter, and will come warped up and ready to weave. You get all the colourful fibres for weaving. On the image of the finished Weaving I have wrapped yarn around the wooden hoop. This yarn is not included in the Kit.