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Image of Circular Weaving Kits

Circular Weaving Kits

Circular Weaving is suitable for beginner to intermediate weavers. I have written the Circular Weaving Instruction Guide with the beginner in mind, simply so everyone can get a taste of weaving on the round.

Each Kit comes with a Circular Loom warped up and ready to weave. A beautiful Fibre Pack full of wool, alpaca and acrylic based yarns of different thickness and textures. There is a great assortment of yarns and colours in each pack which will allow you to be very creative with the Circular Weaving you create.

The Instruction Guide has been written with details instructions with step by step photos of the different weaving techniques which can be used to create a beautiful weaving. You will also get a large plastic needle to help you weave your yarns over and under the strings.
Measurements: 22cm in diameter.

Image of Circular Weaving Kits
Image of Circular Weaving Kits